5 Reassuring Grilling Tips to Help YOU Get Started

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August 25, 2017

Grilling is fun and easy and can provide you with one of the most delicious meals ever.

All you need is a grill and a few food items and you are good to go. But while grilling is easy and you might have one of the best charcoal grills in the market, some people tend to make a few mistakes which turn your food into a disaster.

So next time when you plan to grill, follow these few simple tips and you will end up with the perfectly grilled dishes.

1. Preheating your Grill

We all know that preheating your oven when baking a cake or cookies is important, so in a similar way, it is important to preheat your grill too.

A preheated grill will cook your food brilliantly while keeping the insides moist and juicy and will prevent any type of sticking too. Plus, your food is bound to grill quickly and will taste delicious due to the caramelization.

2. Clean your grill frequently

We all know that cleaning your grill can be a pain, especially those sticky food bits which have hardened over time. The best way to ensure that your grill remains clean and healthy is by brushing off the scrape off food pieces every time before you use the grill and after you are done with it.

To make your cleaning easier, just heat up the grill and then use a long-handled wire grill brush to scrape off the charred debris of food before and after the meal. This will ensure that the cleaning is quick and efficient.

Clean your grill 1

3. Oil your grill

If you have grilled before then you would know that food tends to often stick to the grill rack which tends to burn your food and is difficult to clean afterward. So to avoid your food from sticking to your grill, you can just follow a simple tip.

Every time you are about to grill, make sure that you oil your grill racks properly before putting your food on the rack to grill. You can take vegetable soaked paper towel and use it with the help of tongs to brush your rack with the oil.

4. Marinate it

If you want your grilled food to be perfectly infused with spices and flavors, then it would do well if you marinate your meat one night before the grilling.

Marinating your meat will ensure that it absorbs all the flavors and spices completely and so when you grill it the next day, you will find that your food tastes more delicious and flavorful.

Another benefit of marinating your meat is that it prevents the carcinogenic substances from forming on your red meat and saves you from the potential health hazards.

5. Get a thermometer

One of the best way to determine whether your food is adequately grilled or not is by using an instant thermometer to check your food’s internal temperature.

Poking your food too much could lead to a loss in flavor and may shift the heat from your food so it is always better to use a thermometer to check the readiness of the food than the poking.

Clean your grill 2

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