Nutritional Healing

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May 17, 2015

Many people suffer from certain illnesses and disorders. A lot of them seek help through doctors, over the counter medications, and prescriptions. Some people decide to take a different route that is more natural and based dominantly on eating certain kinds of foods. Here is some information on nutritional healing.

Nutritional healing is a science where diseases may be treated with certain foods, herbs, and types of bacteria. People who follow it believe that particular diseases like hypertension and diabetes are caused by poor nutrition. Having a diet rich in good and nutritious foods will help treat conditions such as acne, anxiety, and diarrhea according to this ideology. Under this, it is also thought that the way nutrients affect the natural hormones and chemicals in the body plays a role in overall health.

In this type of healing, medicine does play a part to address certain imbalances. Nutrients are used as therapeutic devices and things like fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins are advised. Other bioactive compounds, such as enzymes and herbs, are also recommended. These things are meant to help with the physical factors that may be responsible for the development of some diseases. All of these things can affect the hormone balance in the body and reduce the number of toxic chemicals inside. Taking them is supposed to improve the immune system.

Certain foods that contain particular substances are supposed to be avoided. For example, common substances contained in many foods that a lot of people have an intolerance or allergy to include gluten and corn. Some people do not realize they have a bodily aversion to corn and what may happen is that they may experience sinus congestion or irritation of their skin after consuming it.

Nutritional Healing


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